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Delbridge Honanie


Delbridge Honanie, whose manhood name is Coochsiwukioma, or Falling White Snow, was born in 1946 into the Bear Clan, the spiritual leaders of the Hopi people. His spiritual legacy appears in his katsina sculptures carved from cottonwood roots in the Hopi tradition. Such sculptures launched an innovative, contemporary style that has strongly influenced younger carvers.

He studied painting with Winton Coles at the Phoenix School and Otellie Lolma at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, returning to Phoenix to work as an arts and crafts instructor. Delbridge joined the newly formed Artist Hopid in 1973, educating people to the values and identity of the Hopi through the media of oil, acrylic, watercolor, wood, clay, stone, and silver.

His work has appeared internationally in museums and galleries, including murals at the Hopi Cultural Center – Second Mesa, his childhood home, Arizona State University, the Institute of American Indian Art, and the United States Department of the Interior building. In conjunction with artist Michael Kabotie, he produced a modern Hopi kiva mural at the Museum of Northern Arizona that recreates ancient stories of emergence and traditional Hopi life. Awards include the Santa Fe Indian Market Best of Division and First Place Award, the Wheelwright’s Museum Most Promising Young Sculptor, the Heard Museum’s National Art Show and the Swazo Memorial Awards, and the “Discover America” Poster Award for Two Shalakos.


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