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José Enriquez


Mr. Enriquez, a member of the Tohono O’Odham Nation, has been instrumental in preserving language and culture throughout his community. His storytelling ability has helped preserve the Tohono O’Odham culture and history within the community. Mr. Enriquez’s participation in community events enhances community knowledge regarding tribal beliefs and life ways. He often serves as a mentor for cultural events throughout the community and is willing to donate his time to ensure the success of the community. Mr. Enriquez’s knowledge is based on the legacy of his elders and family. He is always willing to share his deep cultural knowledge with community members of all ages.

Mr. Enriquez is a soft spoken, humble and well respected elder who is deeply rooted in the O’odham Himdag (Way of Life). His 75 years of experiences has formed the foundation for the knowledge and wisdom he posses and unselfishly shares. His tireless contributions to the understanding, respecting and practicing of the O’odham Himdag are guided by his desire to inspire traditional values, knowledge and practices, and to ensure they remain strong for future generations.

Tohono O'odham
Cultural Preservationist
language master

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Margaret Acosta
Craft: Basket Weaver, language master
Tribe: Tohono O'odham
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