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Elda Butler

Sacred Wordsmiths - the Power of Native Languages
by Brenda Norrell / Correspondent / Indian Country Today

Elda Butler is a woman of many words, many Mojave words. Butler worked with high security clearance as a stenographer at the Pentagon in Washington. But when it was time to go home to her Mojave people, she did so, and helped rescue their language from extinction.

"Be true to thyself," is her message.

Victor Paul Beck, Sr.

Victor is a person who takes great pride in sharing his Dine culture. As a Dine' (Navajo), he identifies himself as a member of the Manygoat clan, and born for the Salt (Ashii) clan. He credits his parents, Clifford and Esther Beck, guidance to use his cultural beliefs to find his path in life. He believes the longevity of his 30 year career may be due to his clean, simple, lines found in his bolos and buckles. Often, people describe his work as contemporary, elegant classic pieces such as his limited edition gold coral necklace, bracelets, and his side inlay rings.

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Tribe: Kaibab Paiute
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