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Gevene E. Savala

Gevene E. Savala born in 1928, is a member fo the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians. The 240 members fo the Kaibab Paiute speak a Uto-Aztecan language, in addition to English.

Ms. Savala is a fluent tribal speaker and cultural preservationist who graduated from Sherman Indian School in 1946 and from Dixie College with a liberal arts degree in 1986, at age 63. She was a Fine Arts instructor at Mohave College from 1999-2004 and currently teaches in the tribal language program.

Rita Nuvangyaoma

Rita Nuvangyaoma, from Sipaulovi Village, Second Mesa, is of the Sun Forehead Clan. Born November 10, 1931, Rita is an accomplished maker of coiled baskets and one of a handful of weavers who continue to practice this ancient craft.

Hopi basket makers are considered some of the best in North America; Second Mesa wavers specialize in coiled baskets, wrapping bundles of plant materials with a single piece of yucca.

Vivian Muchvo

Born in 1931 in Polacca, Arizona, is from the Tewa village and belongs to the Parrot / Kachina Clan. Ms. Muchvo is a piki maker, crafting this traditional food for most ceremonies such as dances, baby naming, and weddings in her own and nearby villages.

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